Community involvement and the desire to give back are priorities for us. Since our beginnings, we have actively supported our community in order to contribute to the dynamism and vitality of our territory.

This deeply rooted commitment is the foundation of our business philosophy. We want to be a model of social responsibility and, at the same time, to encourage and influence other companies to do the same.

We have therefore adopted a donation and sponsorship policy. The purpose of this is to formalize our support for the community, to structure our decision-making and to guarantee fair processing of requests.


In order to establish an intervention framework corresponding to our values, we have targeted different sectors, without being limited to them, for which we wish to invest ourselves, i.e. health, environment, education and innovation.


We support initiatives, causes and projects that contribute to better human health (whether mental or physical), that promote good lifestyle habits, that encourage a healthy lifestyle and that get people moving and be active.


We support initiatives, causes and projects that contribute to protect the environment, aim to maintain biodiversity, raise public awareness of various environmental issues and provide concrete assistance in the event of a natural disaster.


We support initiatives, causes and projects that contribute to better access to education, that support young people with learning difficulties and that develop knowledge.


We support initiatives, causes and projects that contribute to the development of promising innovations, that bring new ideas for the well-being of the community and that propose structuring projects for the territory.


For an application to be accepted, it must ideally:

  • Come from a registered non-profit association or organization;
  • Come from a permanent employee of our company, including spouse and children;
  • Correspond to one of our sectors of intervention;
  • Be located in the territories where our company operates;
  • Demonstrate that efforts are put forward to maximize social gains and minimize environmental impacts;
  • Be submitted via the form (below) and comply with the provisions.

All requests for personal purposes, for profit or from a political entity, a religious group and a pressure group are not accepted. We reserve the right to refuse an application that does not correspond to the values ​​of the company or those of the members of the selection committee.